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What is FLAM?

FLAM, an acronym for “Français en Langue Maternelle” (French as a Mother Tongue), is a globally recognized hallmark of high-quality French education. It underscores the worldwide renown and excellence of our programs.

Discover FLAM San Diego ...

FLAM San Diego boasts recognition and endorsements from the National French Education system and the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), having even received commendations from President Macron. We are committed to excellently preparing our students for certifications such as the DELF, AP French, and the Baccalaureate. 

Beyond the classrooms, we cultivate a vibrant community where children and teens can engage in both virtual and in-person extracurricular activities, forming connections with other French-speaking youngsters during monthly gatherings – all in French!

At FLAM San Diego, we offer a diverse range of French educational programs. These include our flagship FLAM (Français en Langue Maternelle) courses, tailored for students with French as their mother tongue, alongside FLS (Français Langue Seconde) and FLE (Français Langue Étrangère), customized programs for students for whom French is not their first language.

Our classes are facilitated by native, certified, and passionately dedicated teachers who infuse creativity and effectiveness into their teaching methods, offering an interactive, fun, and beneficial learning experience. We conduct in-person classes in San Diego County, as well as online classes nationwide, ensuring that high-quality French education is accessible to all.

Embark on a journey with FLAM San Diego, where quality meets passion in French education.

Four fabulous reasons to say 'oui' to FLAM San Diego!

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Our Programs

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Group Classes

A Program Adapted to Each Level

FLAM San Diego group classes cater to every student’s unique needs, age group, and proficiency level.

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Activities & Camp

French Beyond the Classroom

Join us online or in-person! Monthly fun in French with diverse activities and games.

Keep improving French skills during our Summer Camp.

A little girl participating in a private French lesson with a teacher of FLAM San Diego.

Private Lessons

Tailored French Tutoring

Schedule lessons at your convenience and choose your preferred teacher for a personalized experience.

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Exam Preparation

Ace Your French Exams!

Prepare with expert guidance for DELF, AP French, and Baccalaureate exams.

Real Voices, Real Feedback: Hear from Our Proud Parents

FLAM San Diego empowers bilingual children to dive deeper into the richness of the French language and culture, all within a vibrant and nurturing community. Our mission is fueled by dedicated educators, enthusiastic students, and supportive allies like you. Become a Sponsor and be a part of this enriching journey. Curious about our programs? Watch this video to see them in action!

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Ongoing Enrollment

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Flexible Learning Options

We offer French classes both online and in-person at our San Diego and Carlsbad locations.

Monthly Extra-Curricular Activities

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More to Come

We have a range of events, webinars, and special projects in the pipeline. Stay informed and connected!

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