About FLAM San Diego

FLAM San Diego is deeply committed to offering exceptional French classes and extracurricular activities: in person in San Diego County and online, nationwide, for children and teenagers. Our affordable programs are tailored to immerse students, aged between 3 and 18, in both the vibrant cultures of the Francophone world and the intricacies of the French language, fostering a unique learning environment where they can flourish and grow.

FLAM classes open up opportunities for students to advance in French, accommodating those who might not have the chance to do so otherwise. Our dedicated team, consisting of native, certified, and passionate educators with a rich background in French teaching, is committed to providing a nurturing space where students can delve deep into the language and culture, enhancing their linguistic abilities and cultural understanding. We pride ourselves in offering high-quality programs at an affordable rate, embodying our mission to enrich students in knowledge of the French language and Francophone cultures.

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Our mission and credentials

The primary mission of FLAM San Diego is to offer linguistic and cultural activities in French within an extracurricular framework to an audience aged 3 to 18 years old. Our students reside in the United States and are primarily enrolled in American schools.

We have a large number of French students with expatriate parents as well as others from various nationalities.

We are a duly constituted association, operating in compliance with local laws, while also adhering to the principles of the French law of 1901, ensuring our non-profit status.

In accordance with our official statutes, our main objective is to promote the practice of the French language. To achieve this, we organize regular and ongoing activities centered around the French language.

Discover the FLAM Program!

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The FLAM Program

The FLAM Program was established in 2001-2002 by the Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This initiative was taken up by members of the Superior Council of French Citizens Abroad (CSFE) and senators representing French citizens living outside France. The program caters to a diverse audience, aiming to support French, Francophone, and binational families.

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Common Framework

Our educational program follows ministerial recommendations under the auspices of AEFE. FLAM provides an opportunity for bilingual children to enrich their knowledge of the French language and culture. We are wholeheartedly committed to continuing this endeavor, offering authentic French classes in San Diego that align with our mission.

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Teaching Approach

Our French classes in San Diego and our virtual programs are taught by French-speaking educators, ensuring that lessons are delivered exclusively in French. We strive to offer these classes at an affordable rate for families. For more information about non-profit FLAM associations around the world, please visit the FLAM associations website.

Our Beginnings

How did we establish FLAM San Diego? Here's our story!

Rachèle DeMeo, M.A., M.Ed. is an educator, mother of two, and holder of two Master’s degrees (including an M.Ed. in teaching and learning), has always been passionate about bilingual and polyglot learning. Having grown up in a bilingual and multicultural environment, she’s always been fascinated by different languages and cultures. Her passion eventually led her to offer premier French classes in San Diego.

Previously a university professor, Rachèle catered to students who hailed from Francophone families but found themselves in university courses for FLE (French as a Foreign Language). It was here that she realized these students weren’t receiving French education tailored to their needs – designed for those who already understood and spoke the language.

For three years, Rachèle homeschooled her two boys while also working part-time as a lecturer at two local universities. She utilized her personal experience to help her children, spending about an hour each day, to advance their French education alongside their American schooling. Together, they utilized academic workbooks and were even supported by CNED (National Center for Distance Education). However, managing all these educational tools was a significant commitment on her part.

Rachèle then aspired to collaborate with the School District to launch a bilingual immersion school in San Diego. Although this project didn’t come to fruition as she had hoped, she continued her quest to find solutions for local families wishing for their children to enhance and maintain proficiency in French.

Around this time, she had the chance to connect with a lady residing near Los Angeles, who reached out for advice on starting a bilingual immersion school. During their discussion, the term “FLAM” surfaced. Rachèle then researched and discovered non-profit associations named FLAM (French as a Native Language) established in the US and globally. Their mission? To assist Francophone students in mastering the French language and culture.

However, there wasn’t any FLAM association in the San Diego region. This realization inspired her, fueling her desire to establish FLAM San Diego in October 2019, an initiative that now stands as a beacon for quality French classes in San Diego.

Why Choose FLAM San Diego?

Child-Centric French Education

Catering to children ages 3-18, FLAM San Diego offers premier French classes in San Diego and nationwide, extra-curricular activities, virtual programs, and a curriculum that enriches their understanding of the French language and culture.

Native, Certified and Experienced Instructors

Our team follows curriculum from the French National Education system, l'éducation nationale française, ensuring genuine and high-quality teaching. They're native, qualified, and trained with a creative approach to teaching.

Value and Extended Support

Not only do we offer affordable, high-quality classes, but parents also benefit from several free resources to support their child's French journey. Plus, children can continue learning through our external platforms outside of regular class hours.

Engagement Beyond the Classroom

From FLAM playdates, engaging camps, and projects to contests where our students shine—there's always an opportunity to immerse and interact.

Exam Preparedness

Our comprehensive approach ensures your child is ready for key exams like DELF, AP French, and the Baccalaureate.

FLAM San Diego in the Spotlight

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Rachele DeMeo Feature in Canvas Revel Magazine.

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Recognition from Jean Baptiste Lemoyne

Emphasizing the importance of FLAM associations in facilitating French learning for our children abroad.

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