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Whether you’re exploring our virtual programs available across the U.S. or searching for the best after-school programs in San Diego, FLAM San Diego is synonymous with quality and adaptability.

Our programs are marked by dedication and commitment to excellence. Taught by native French speakers with an unbridled passion for teaching, our courses set the standard. These dedicated educators, with a wealth of experience in instructing children, undergo continuous training to ensure they provide optimal learning for your student. By closely following the French National Education program, we guarantee an authentic and immersive French linguistic experience for your child.

A group of toddlers smiling and playing in after-school programs in San Diego.

FLAM (Français en langue maternelle)

Twice a Week Virtual After-School Programs

Little children painting as they participate in After school programs in San Diego.

Les explorateurs

4-6 years old

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of French.

Program: Children enhance their vocabulary and oral expression through group discussions. Activities such as reading picture books, art, and motor skills exercises aid language construction. Children learn expressive repetition of songs, poems, and rhymes from the Francophone heritage, introducing them to the world of sounds and writing.

A group of children writing and learning while participating in Little children painting as they participate in After school programs in San Diego.

Les écoliers

6-8 years old

Prerequisite: Understand and speak basic French. Can write their first name.

Program: Children expand their vocabulary and own the language via group interactions, oral activities, and memorizing Francophone songs and poems. They learn reading by breaking words into syllables and spotting sounds and also begin their journey into writing, grammar, and spelling.

A group of kids smiling because they had fun during their A group of children writing and learning while participating in Little children painting as they participate in French after school programs in San Diego.

Les détectives

8-10 years old

Prerequisite: Basic communication skills in French; ability to read a short text and write simple French words.

Program: Students deepen their vocabulary and oral expression. They continue reading towards achieving fluency and understanding more intricate texts. They bolster their command over spelling, grammar, and conjugation and start crafting various texts throughout the academic year.

A group of young Tweens and teens with a school notebook and a backpack symbolizing students at an after-school program.

Les grands écoliers

10-13 years old

Prerequisite: Basic comprehension and speaking skills in French.

Program: Following a structure similar to ‘Les explorateurs,’ students in this age bracket delve deeper into the Francophone world and literary constructs.

A group of older and diverse teens discussing different topics in a classroom setting.

Les secondaires

13-18 years old

Prerequisite: Understand and clearly express an opinion in French. The student can write short paragraphs while adhering to the rules of the French language.

Program: The student is introduced to texts by renowned Francophone authors. They express complex ideas and develop their point of view both in writing and orally through presentations and posters on engaging topics. A deeper mastery of language in grammar, spelling, and conjugation allows them to support their ideas.

FLE & FLS Classes

Whether you’re new to the language or building upon existing skills, our courses cater to all:

Several kids hugging their male teacher really happy as they participate in French classes.

Les apprentis

FLE (French as a Foreign Language)

Program: FLE Course, the student engages with French as a Foreign Language, embracing its essence from an outsider’s perspective.

A French teacher in a classroom teaching students of French as a second language.

Les navigateurs

FLS (French as a Second Language)

Program: FLS Course, students delve into French as a Second Language, enriching their existing language foundation.

Across both pathways, there’s a shared commitment to mastering:

Oral comprehension – The art of understanding spoken French. 

Written comprehension – The skill of interpreting written French. 

Oral production – The gift of articulating thoughts aloud. 

Written production – The craft of writing in eloquent French. 

Through these foundational skills, every learner is empowered to fully immerse themselves in the richness of the French linguistic landscape.

Les FLAM's

In Person after-school programs in San Diego County

  • Locations:
    • San Diego Standley Recreation Center (3585 Governor dr, San Diego, CA 92122): Wednesdays 
    • Carlsbad Stagecoach Community Center (3420 Camino los Coches, Carlsbad, CA 92009): Mondays
    • Carlsbad Calavera Community Center (2997 Glasgow dr, Carlsbad, CA 92010): Thursdays 
  • New Programs: New classes begin with a minimum of 6 students

Our signature in-person after-school programs in San Diego cater to young learners eager to delve into the French language and culture. “Les FLAMs” uniquely amalgamates different age groups and proficiency levels. Students enrolling should have a basic ability to understand and express themselves in French. The curriculum is tailored to enhance vocabulary and concentrate on pivotal aspects of French learning: oral expression, written expression, and reading. Beyond language, we ensure a rich exposure to the vibrant Francophone world and its myriad cultures. Every class promises a comprehensive, immersive learning experience.

French classes for adults

Online French Classes for adults on

Wednesdays 7:30 PM-8:30 PM.

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Whether virtually or in person, join our after-school programs in San Diego for an authentic and enriching French learning experience.

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