French Classes & Activities for Kids & Teens!

Located in San Diego and serving students nationwide, FLAM San Diego offers a range of dynamic and fun French activities and programs designed with your child’s growth and enthusiasm in mind. Catering to children aged 4 to 18, our programs are diverse, engaging, and interactive.

Virtual learning beyond a screen

Engage in interactive French activities through our virtual sessions. Whether it's through stories, songs, or interactive lessons, your child will feel deeply connected to the French language and culture, all from the comfort of home.

In-person ventures

Our in-person sessions are more than just lessons; they're an exploration into language, culture, and connection. Through lively classroom discussions or dynamic French activities in the park, we guarantee a fun, hands-on experience for every child.

Choose Your Path

Group Classes

Engaging courses taught by native, qualified, and passionate teachers following the French National Education guidelines.

Two girls smiling and having fun as they participate in group French activities in a classroom.

Activities & Camp

Days for children to come together and participate in French activities while exploring different sports, arts, and educational pursuits.


Keep improving French skills during our Summer Camp.

Several kids in a park doing a circle as they participate in French activities.

Private Lessons

Customized sessions led by our qualified teachers, meticulously designed to match your child’s unique pace and schedule.

French teacher providing a private lesson to a little girl in a yellow dress.

Exam Preparation

Master your upcoming French exams like DELF, AP French, and Baccalaureate with our specialized training and guidance.

Teen taking a French exam in a classroom filled with other teens also taking the exam.

Other Programs

French Lessons and After School Programs at Your School

Whether in-person or virtual, FLAM San Diego delivers engaging French classes and activities tailored for both primary and secondary students.

Ready to Transform Your School’s Language Program?

or Create Your Own Group

If you’re keen on hosting classes at your own location, reach out to us! With six or more students, we can create a tailored group just for you.

Student Projects at FLAM San Diego

Delve into a world of engaging French activities and experience the joy of participating in:

  • Reading Games: Dive into our children’s literature competition, one of our premier French activities that hone language skills.
  • Annual Comics Contest: Organized by Made in France, this contest allows students to showcase their creativity in a fun French setting. Past themes include: 2021: “A cowboy in your town” inspired by the adventures of Lucky Luke. | 2020: Boule et Bill.
  • Correspondence between FLAMs: Engage in intercultural French activities as our students collaborate with other FLAMs globally, building bonds with peers from Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Switzerland.
  • Class Projects: From cooking French delicacies to diving deep into historical lessons about France, our activities guarantee immersive learning experiences.

Our passionate team is dedicated to fostering a supportive and inspirational learning environment for your children. Get to know the individuals driving our mission to deliver outstanding French education and cultural experiences.

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