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At FLAM San Diego we’re passionate about enriching the young minds with the beauty of the French language and the charm of Francophone cultures. Our certified, native instructors are ready to guide your child on this journey. Whether you have questions about our French group classes, extracurricular activities, private lessons, or just want to chat about all things French, we’re here for you! Reach out to our dedicated team today.

Our commitment goes beyond traditional teaching. At FLAM San Diego, we aim to cultivate a vibrant community where students can truly immerse themselves in the French language and Francophone cultures.

Whether your child is growing up in a bilingual home or is newly exploring the nuances of the French language, our French group classes, extra-curricular activities, and other offerings are designed to support and enrich their learning experience.

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Our team is ready to answer any questions you might have about our French group classes, private lessons, extra-curricular activities, and other offerings. Use the form below to get in touch.

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Born from a vision set forth by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2001-2002, FLAM San Diego stands as a testament to bilingual education. We passionately forward the mission of amplifying bilingual children’s understanding of the French language and culture. Under the guidance of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), our educators provide immersive experiences that resonate with the beauty of Francophone traditions. With affordable and quality classes, we’re dedicated to nurturing French-speaking and binational families.

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