French classes for ADULTS

Online French Classes for adults on


7:30pm – 8:30pm

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Why FLAM San Diego ?

A Customized Approach to Mastering French

Every learner is different. Whether you need dedicated attention, a boost in their confidence, or a curriculum that aligns with specific objectives, our tailor-made lessons are the answer. We design each session according to the student's pace, ensuring maximum comprehension and progress.

Flexible Timing for Busy Schedules

We understand life's unpredictability and the challenges of fitting in extra-curricular activities amidst hectic routines. That's why we've made our private French lessons adaptable to your timetable. Choose the weekly slot that best suits you, and we’ll make it work.

Hand-Picked, Native French Educators

Our private lessons are taught exclusively by native Francophone educators. Beyond just being fluent speakers, each of our instructors is certified and boasts significant teaching experience. This ensures not only top-tier linguistic instruction but also an immersive exposure to authentic French culture and nuances.

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