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At FLAM San Diego, we believe in transparent pricing to ensure you understand the value you’re getting.

Virtual group classes

Registration Fees

  • Before April 1: $80
  • After April 1: $120
  • After August 1: $150
  • After September 1: $200

Sibling Discount

10% off for any additional child

Course Fees


In-person group classes

Registration Fees

  • Before April 1: $80
  • After April 1: $120
  • After August 1: $150
  • After September 1: $200

Sibling Discount

10% off for any additional child

Course Fees


Classes take place in North County San Diego

Virtual private lessons

Registration Fee

  • $50


Sibling Discount

10% off for any additional child

Course Fees

 $60/class (1 hour)

Extra-curricular activities

Pricing per activity

  • Members $15
  • Non-members $20

Virtual and in-person (In-person classes take place in North County San Diego)

Drawing of a person holding a question mark, wondering what do the French classes for kids cover.

What does this cover?

  • Assessment review to evaluate the student’s level and prepare a tailored program.
  • Personalized support: emotional support, homework assistance, review.
  • Assistance with returning to France: preparing applications for French schools/lycées/universities.
  • Integration into the American education system.
  • Accelerated academic progression in higher education in the United States.
  • Preparation for various examinations.
  • Small class sizes, teachers available outside of class hours.
  • Parent-teacher meetings report cards following the French system.
  • Comprehensive preparation for professional life.

Application Process

French skills assessment Online

Before diving into learning with us, we request all new members of our FLAM San Diego family to take a brief online assessment test. This isn’t just a formality! It’s our way of understanding your child’s fluency, ensuring they’re placed in the perfect group for their level and age.

The assessment might include a casual chat – think of it as a friendly one-on-one conversation rather than an interview. This helps us further gauge your child’s comfort with the language.

As we assess the proficiency of each student, we’ll place your child in the most fitting course from the options below:

  • FLAM (Français en Langue Maternelle): This is best suited for children who have grown up with French as their native or heritage language.
  • FLS (Français en Langue Secondaire): Specifically designed for kids who are learning French alongside their primary language.
  • FLE (Français en Langue Étrangère): A perfect starting point for beginners or those encountering French as a brand-new language.

Admission Process

Girl with a French flag and note books happy to be taking French classes for kids in San Diego.
  1. Pre-Registration: Start by pre-registering your child using our simple form. Once submitted, await our confirmation of your pre-registration.
  2. Assessment: Post pre-registration, you’ll receive a diagnostic questionnaire for your child. This isn’t a test, but a tool to help us identify the best class suited for them. After your submission, we’ll guide you to the class where your child will shine brightest.
  1. Registration: Voilà! After the assessment, you’ll receive a warm welcome email from FLAM San Diego. Shortly after, our treasurer will provide details regarding registration and course fees. You will be given the option to choose a full upfront payment or two installments.

The FLAM San Diego Difference

With our uniquely structured courses and an emphasis on genuine understanding, FLAM San Diego stands out as the premier choice for French classes for kids and teens. Enroll today and embark on a remarkable journey of French learning with a community that cares.

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